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We Found 984 Resources For You.. ^HOT^

This map is an interactive list of resources for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, including emergency shelters, resource centers, health care, and meal sites. Click the rectangle icon on the top right of the map to view it full size and search to find organizations providing the support you need, like laundry, case management, legal services, job training, and more.

We found 984 resources for you..

The Mayor's Office of Children and Family Success (MOCFS) offers low-income households financial empowerment programs, housing and energy services, food resources, and capacity-building services. In response to COVID-19, MOCFS is providing security deposit and utility assistance.

Your UNC Health immunization record can be found in My UNC Chart. If you have My UNC Chart, you can login to access these records. If you do not have My UNC Chart and would like to activate your account, you may activate online at or by calling UNC Health Outpatient Access Center at (888) 996-2767. You may also contact UNC Health Medical Records at 984-974-3226 for a copy of your Epic@UNC immunization record, but please note that they will not be distributing CDC Vaccination Cards.

In the current report we confirmed NHEJ inhibition with VX-984 and found that DSB repair appeared to be impaired preferentially in T98G cells compared to the normal astrocyte cells. Thus our report is in line with the findings of Boucher et al [15] and taken together, our findings appear to support some therapeutic specificity of VX-984 for transformed cells; however the precise mechanism for this will need further study. Based on our analysis of DSB signaling pathways, it appears that DNA-PKcs signaling can be blocked more easily in transformed cells than in normal cells, as revealed by diminished phosphorylation of RPA-Ser4/Ser8 in these cells following IR treatment in the presence of VX-984. It is possible that in these cancer cells, there is altered expression or activity of DSB signaling molecules such as ATM or ATR, which makes these cells particularly sensitive to VX-984-mediated DNA-PKcs inhibition. This effect may account for the increased cytotoxic effect of VX-984 in transformed cells. We demonstrated also that inhibition of NHEJ by VX-984 activated alternate repair pathways including HR; this raises the tantalizing prospect that some cells may engage this switch more proficiently than others, making for a plausible and testable hypothesis for therapeutic specificity.

NC Healthy Schools focuses on improving the health of students and staff by providing coordination and resources within the context of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. The goal is to create students who are healthier, in school, in class, and ready to learn. Students who are healthier are more alert, more focused on learning, and miss less school. They not only learn better in every class, but they also learn lifelong healthy behaviors. It just makes sense.

We are kind peers willing to listen and talk. We are not trained to respond to emergency situations. Follow this link to find resources that may better serve you if you are experiencing a crisis.

The Maui District Health Office services its island community by providing resources and expertise in areas such as vital records (birth, death, marriage and divorce), Family Health, Public Health Nursing, Environmental Health, Family Guidance (mental health), Tuberculosis, HIV and STD and Emergency Preparedness.

ICS 300/400, G191, G402, and G2300 are coordinated by local Emergency Management Agencies, please contact them directly for course offerings in your area. Contact information for State or Territorial Emergency Management Agencies can be found at

Cicero Utilities is now offering ACH Withdraw from your bank account for your utility bill. To sign up your account must be current. You will need complete the application, which may be found on our website under: Departments, Utility and Billing Office. The application will have to be accompanied by a voided check or bank verification of your account information. Please read this application carefully. All withdraws will be completed on the 10th of each month. A returned withdraw for any reason will be treated as an NSF check and will be charged $20 in addition to a cash payment for the actual bill.

DSRs are the first points of contact when getting rid of excess property. They provide expert guidance assisting with your disposal needs. Check out the Digital DSR for more disposal related information and resources.

A: Not necessarily. Correction of the violation notice means that on the day an inspector visited the property, the inspector found that the lead hazards had been fixed. The property also had to pass dust sample tests, showing that the levels of lead in the dust were below federal standards. The property may still have lead paint; the paint was just not chipping or peeling when the inspector was there. The paint could chip or peel later and have lead hazards.

The Office of Fiscal and Resources is responsible for the financial management of the Department of the Treasury and the administration of a number of Interdepartmental accounts for all State agencies. The responsibilities of this office include the proper allocation, management, expenditure and reporting of resources.

If this STEM extension application is based on your most recent degree, write the name of the major and the CIP code listed on your most recent I-20. The CIP code can be found on page 1 of the new format I-20 and page 3 of the previous format I-20.

If this STEM extension application is based on a prior degree, write the name of that major and the CIP code. The CIP code can be found on page 1 of the new format I-20 and page 3 of the previous format I-20. If you do not have an I-20 showing the CIP code for that degree, contact us for instructions on documents you will need to collect to show your eligibility for the STEM extension.

Finding resources for children with special health care needs can be challenging, but our Families Helping Families Community Resource Specialists are here to help. Contact your local Community Resource Specialist if you need assistance accessing services, navigating referrals to support services, connecting with other parents, and more. Use the information below to contact your local Families Helping Families organization and request to speak with a Community Resource Specialist. 041b061a72


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