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WiFi Explorer 2.5

There are lots of alternatives to ES File Explorer if you're looking for the best file explorer app. Some of these include Google Files, CX File Explorer, FX File Explorer, and File Manager by Xiaomi.

WiFi Explorer 2.5

We had awful wifi on a cruise earlier this year but when I left my cabin it improved. Sailed same ship 5 weeks ago and had great wifi in my cabin because there was a wifi repeater just outside our cabin. Weather plays a huge part in the satellite signal too!

Hopefully those are not wifi "repeaters" but actual antennas or even mesh systems. Repeaters do extend the signal, but they cut the speed in half. And if you are unlucky enough to be going through two repeaters, it's halved again, so 25% of max speed. I suspect the cruise ships use antenna arrays and maybe the newer ones have mesh systems. I do know that all the metal in the ship is a real challenge for providing good wifi. I do wish they would provide a hardwired Ethernet jack in the cabins. That way I could either plug-in my laptop or bring my own router to cover the room. I actually used to do this in the early days of hotel Internet service when they did not have wifi.

So is there a wired port in the cabin that your access point plugs into, or are you just using it as a repeater for the existing wifi? I guess I've never looked for Ethernet jacks in the cabins as I "assumed" they did not have them!

I use a travel router which will connect to voom wifi so that my devices in room have a stable WiFi connection. The router seems to do a better job of keeping a connection to a weak wifi signal as well. I usually only use it when in the room for stable WiFi connection. I turn it off when I leave so I can connect normally to voom from other locations.

Maybe I am using the wrong name - maybe they are some type of wifi boosters but someone on CC told me they were called wifi repeaters. I am not sure but whatever the device that was mounted on the wall near the ceiling outside my cabin made a big difference for our surf n stream pkg.

A series of antenna nodes won't cut the throughput, but they also do nothing to increase the number of devices a single wifi access point can handle. The best solution is a mesh system with many access points spread out so each can handle a different group of devices, with enough overlap that as devices move around between them, they don't lose the signal and can be handed-of between them. This is how the cellular telephone systems work.

I know we joke about the seeming incompetency of RCI "IT", but I would hope the network engineers have done everything they can given the challenging environment of a cruise ship to maximize throughput of their wifi. I am sure they don't want us complaining any more than we want to have to complain. We don't cruise until October, but I may do some "snooping" to see if I can tell what they have configured.

ALTICE ONE (A1) TV & INTERNET: EQUIP, TAXES & FEES: Install fee may apply, taxes, gov?t fees, other Optimum fees & surcharges apply. A $10.47 Regional Sports Network Fee, $9.99 TV Broadcast Fee, $3.50 Network Enhancement Fee, and a $20/month A1 Pak fee apply. A1 Mini boxes avail for add?l $10/mo. All fees, surcharges & taxes will be added to bill & are subject to change. A1 CORE TV & INTERNET: Advertised speed for wired connection. Many factors affect speed. Actual speeds may vary & are not guaranteed. See A1 Minis may be needed for whole home WiFi in every room. WiFi performance claim based on comparison of throughput & attenuation of A1 & Legacy routers in internal lab testing. Wireless speed, performance & availability sbjct to factors beyond Optimum?s control. Optimum WiFi hotspots access in select areas at no add?l charge to Internet customers. Min system req?s & equip configs apply. Unlimited data subject to reasonable network mngmt practices employed to minimize congestion or service degradation. A1 req?s all TVs have an HDMI input. # of TV ch?s, HD ch?s & features depend on pkg type & location. Some On Demand titles available at add?l charge. Not all content delivered through A1 is in 4K Ultra HD. Interactive srvc?s, features & certain digital channels req. an A1 box. All srvc?s & channels may not be available in all areas.

When I speak to IT folks about network utlization and share with them the DATA selection. I ALWAYS tell them, DONT go back and just shut off your 1,2 and 5.5 if you dont know if your wifi design supports it.

I guess what i am getting at is that I am confused as to which modem i need to buy. Just picked up my standard cox gigablast panoramic wifi modem and need to buy a modem to connect to Orbi 6. Do i get the CM1200? CM100? Arris docsis 3.1 varieties? Does it make a difference?

Finding your articles very insightful and helpful to me. I am stuck between the Orbi AX6000 and the Asus Zenwifi AX 6600. I currently have an Orbi RBK50 and I have liked the the seamless connection between the router and the satellite but i am also intrigued by AImesh from Asus. If my ultimate interest is the best speed, which one do you recommend?


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