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[S2E17] Control

Deep within the decimated Dragon Cloning Facility, our team of intrepid agents search for a way to get the dragons under control and a way to get off the island. Guided by a dead scientist's audio logs, the team learn more about what was going on behind the scenes on the island. In this episode, Koala gets high as a kite, Annabelle saves a life and Doctor Martin reminisces about Gorgon-led Detox Sessions.

[S2E17] Control

Katya was given the ability to leech off people's emotions like a parasite, giving her a hypnotic control over her victims. Since she was so young when she underwent the change, Katya's powers drove her insane. She had a fondness for feeling the pain of people older than her, so her mother became one of her victims.

By 2008, Katya and her mother had made their way to Bahrain, where Eva attracted the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson attempted to get Eva to turn herself over to them, but Katya wouldn't release her and had Eva attack the agents. A group of thugs under her control grabbed Katya and entered a nearby building to hide from the people who would take her mother away.

However, S.H.I.E.L.D. believed they were holding the girl hostage, and sent in a team of heavily armed agents after them. These agents also fell under Katya's spell, so another agent, Melinda May went in to investigate. Agent May soon found the hypnotized agents, and killed Eva in the mistaken belief that she was the one behind their condition. Katya was furious that her mother had been taken away from her, and attempted to replace her by taking Agent May under her control. Cornered by numerous enthralled agents, Agent May was left with no other option but to pick up a gun and kill Katya.[1]

Izuku and Todoroki continue their battle against Hero Killer: Stain, with Iida joining the fight as the effect of Stain's Quirk wear off. Endeavor and Gran Torino defeat the remaining Nomu and take control of the situation.Tropes:

This episode opens up with the CMC...........ergh, control yourself, Pryme..............making a Hearts and Hooves Day card for Cheerilee. Good idea, kids! Let's feed into the pedophile's lust. Sweetie Belle mentions that Hearts and Hooves Day only comes once a year. You know what I can't help thinking when some stupid fuck says something like this? NO SHIT. EVERY HOLIDAY COMES ONCE A YEAR YOU WEED-ROLLING CORPSE LICKER! Meanwhile, this shit exists:

Amy moves back home, but finds adjusting to her old life difficult, especially after her parents discover she's taking birth control pills and her former friends give her the major cold shoulder. Elsewhere in Everwood, Ephram thinks Madison is going to break up with him and Andy testifies on behalf of Nina as she and her recently out-of-the-closet ex-husband battle for sole custody of their son.

Crais says that Talyn is not listening to him and Aeryn says good for Talyn. Zhaan says that his control isn't as absolute as he thought. D'Argo says to just give the word and he'll break Crais' neck. Crais then says that Talyn needs him and chose him, but Aeryn says perhaps they should override that choice. Crais says that he's not misused Talyn's power; he's only fired in self-defense. Zhaan brings up the Halosian encounter and Crais says they attacked and he spared them; he's not a killer. Crichton says that they won't help, but Crais says they'll regret it. The Plokavians arrive, but Crais tells them the deal is off and fires, destroying the ship.

Meanwhile, the Ghost comes under attack from several All Terrain Defense Pods hiding in the hangar bay. Trapped, Kanan contacts Hera and Rex for help, explaining that Kallus has joined them and there's an Imperial droid locking down the doors. Hera sarcastically remarks on Kallus' presence, and Rex orders Chopper to "go get that droid." Chopper rushes to the control console and attacks the Imperial astromech droid. Following a struggle, he manages to knock out the Imperial droid and unlock the doors. Meanwhile, Zeb and the other rebels fight with Kallus and his stormtroopers. Chopper's efforts allow most of the rebels except Zeb, who is too focused on dueling Kallus, to flee back to their ship. As the Ghost prepares to leave, Ezra, standing on the ramp, contacts Zeb, who has just knocked Kallus into the wall, to tell him to hurry up. Zeb, fighting stormtroopers, responds that there's no need to wait, as he'll take an escape pod out. The Ghost flies out of the hangar, and is pursued by TIE fighters.

Onboard the construction module, Zeb gets into an escape pod and presses the button for launch. He is then startled when Kallus, sneaking into the pod behind him, grabs him by the shoulder and turns Zeb around to hit him in the face. Zeb backhands Kallus, just as the pod launches towards Geonosis. Onboard the Ghost, Ezra sees Zeb's pod launching and tries to raise him on his comlink, but gets no answer. Rex speculates that he must've lost it, and reassures Ezra that they can pick up Zeb later because his pod is headed for Geonosis. Onboard the pod, Zeb kicks Kallus onto the pod's controls, breaking them, which causes the pod to veer towards one of Geonosis' moons. Upon noticing that the pod is out of control, Zeb and Kallus stop fighting and attempt to get the pod back on course, but it's too late. The pod crashes into an underground cavern, with Kallus breaking his leg on impact.

Wallace uncovers the plot of the masterminds of the day's events: he knows his employers control the oil in the Caspian Sea, and a war in the Middle East will quadruple the value of their holdings for at least a decade.

Disguised as Junklantis guards, Mike and Don are aboard the whale vehicle as it prepares to attack the cruise ship. The Turtles discard their disguises, take out the nearby gurards and head to the bridge of the ship! On the bridge they meet the Garbageman and more of his men. The TMNT easily defeat the guards and Garbageman is forced to attack - his mechanical arms capture Donatello easily, but Don calls out for Mike to use a nearby oxygen canister to save him. Mikey grabs the tube and sets it under the Garbageman, knocking off it's lid - the blast of air jettisons the villain into the air and smashes his head into the ceiling. Garbageman falls to the floor, knocked loopy. Don and Mike rush over to the ship's controls and figure out (with only seconds to spare) how to steer the strange vehicle away from the cruise ship. Donatello then sets the whale ship on a collision course for Junklantis - to kill two birds with one stone. Garbageman recovers and attacks again, this time his claws smash into a control board and he gets electrocuted. Having set the whale ship on its ceash course, Don and mike retreat to the Shell sub. Don jumps in the ship and orders Mikey to get the doors open so they can escape. The Sub doesn't want to start and Mike has a hard time with the controls! Mikey finally decides to do things the old fashioned way and grabs a pipe, smashing the control panel - this actually works. Michelangelo joins his brother inside the Shell Sub, which finally roars to life. The TMNT escape in the knick of time, as the whale ship smashes into Junklantis, creating a monolithic underwater explosion. The blast rocks the Shell Sub, but Donny is able to get in under control and the ninjas head for home. Unfortunately for them, the Garbageman also escaped in a small ship and is chasing them!

McGee then picks up by stating that Shadegirl tells him that her controller will only pay 60 and wants proof. Tony's acting gets on Gibbs's nerves so much so that Tony unsurprisingly gets a headslap for his childish acting.

Addison and George are in Bailey's room, trying to convince her to push, but Bailey wants to be left alone. Addison wants to leave to get them an OR, but George tells Bailey he's very disappointed in her. He really expected more. She doesn't hide from a fight and she does not give up. She strives for greatness. She's a doer. Her husband may not be here and a lot of things are out of their control right now, but this they can control. She gives in and sits up to start pushing. George climbs into the bed and sits behind her to hold her. "Let's have this baby," he says. 041b061a72


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