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Castlevania Episode 1 [PORTABLE]

The series premiered on Netflix on July 7, 2017, and was renewed for an expanded second season of eight episodes on the same day; the second season premiered on October 26, 2018. A ten-episode third season was greenlit by Netflix and released on March 5, 2020. The series ended with the release of its fourth season on May 13, 2021. The series received critical acclaim, with its visuals, animation, voice acting, action sequences, characterization, themes and writing receiving much praise, although the pacing, particularly of the third and fourth seasons, garnered a polarized response.

Castlevania Episode 1

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The first season represents the first part of the trilogy that Ellis has laid out in 2007.[5] Ellis said that the second season, completing the trilogy, is where he had been able to deviate somewhat from the game, and has been better anticipate the show's release on Netflix in terms of scenes and episode lengths.[5] Shankar believes that there is an opportunity for more stories to be told borrowing from other games in the series, noting that overall he sees the series as "a story about a family and multiple generations of this family" with many tales to draw from.[9] The production team for the second season included staff members who worked on Madhouse productions such as Death Parade.[18]

Developing the character of Dracula, Adi Shankar made it clear that one of the series' main goals has been to paint Dracula not as a villain, but a tragic, doomed figure. According to him: "The best villains, in general, are the heroes of their own story and the trick to making Castlevania resonate was this idea that Dracula isn't a bad guy, he isn't a villain, he's just a person consumed with darkness. That first episode in Season 1 we start to see why he wants to eradicate humans. He's not just this mustache-curling, one-dimensional villain. What Dracula is doing is not really a war against humanity. It's more a suicide note."[19]

Castlevania's first season of four 30-minute episodes was released on July 7, 2017.[25] The second season is eight episodes long and was released on October 26, 2018.[26][27][28] The third season was released on March 5, 2020.[29] The show's fourth and final season was released on May 13, 2021.[23]

Rotten Tomatoes reported that 100% of critics gave the second season a positive review with an average rating of 9.3/10, based on 15 reviews. The critics consensus reads, "Castlevania sinks its fangs into vampiric lore during a devilishly fun second season that benefits from an expanded sense of scale and episode tally that allows the series to fully spread its leathery wings."[37] IGN gave the second season a score of 9.2/10, praising Ellis's approach to Castlevania as "witty and self-aware enough to poke fun at itself when necessary".[45] In Collider's review for the second series, Dave Trumbore mentioned there "isn't a weak link in the cast here".[46] Complaints were made towards the pacing and the screen time spent on Dracula's court in season two. Writing for GameSpot, Michael Rougeau was disappointed that Trevor's group spent the majority of their time in a library, and also said Dracula "does literally nothing in all the episodes we've seen so far. There's one medium length flashback in which he massacres a council of merchants who offended him, but it's not like that moves the story along". Rougeau concluded that the action was creatively executed, but he felt that the new cast was given more development and that the previous characters were left to "tread water".[47] Film School Rejects echoed similar sentiments, who said the second season was more of a complement to the first one. McTavish and the rest of the voice cast were once again met with high praise.[48]

A vampire falls for a human and she is killed. She is killed by a bishop who we see die the same episode he is introduced. So, are we just waiting for a hero to kill the man who brought hell on Earth?

Still, given the sorry state of most video game adaptations, the pedigree of those involved could mean very little in the end. So does Netflix's Castlevania do right by the property? And does it fulfill Shankar's promise of bringing a harder, more mature edge to the material? Read on below for our review of all four episodes of the Netflix Castlevania animated mini-series. The first season of Netflix's Castlevania is a faithful and ultra-violent, though very short, adaptation of the hit gaming franchise.

Though only in this first episode for obvious reasons, Lisa is an intriguing window into the world of late 15th century Wallachia, illustrating that the Church's hold on people's minds isn't as firm as the later mob would have us believe. Voiced by Emily Swallow, she's headstrong and curious and her ability to see Dracula's better nature hints at that of another character (and definite fan-favorite) who's teased briefly near the end of this episode.

Casting Dracula as a vengeful god and Lisa as the only thing standing between him and the destruction of all mankind, "Witchbottle" includes some fascinating biblical parallels, bringing an even stronger maturity to the material than the extravagant violence - of which there is quite a bit, even in this first episode.

Introduced in the final moments of "Witchbottle", the second episode catches up with Trevor as he engages in a bar brawl with peasants angry at the great families - and the Belmonts, specifically - for bringing Dracula's wrath upon them. That isn't how it happened, of course, as we well know it was the Church who set these events in motion. Easily dispatching with the bar patrons (he is used to fighting "f--king vampires", after all), Trevor travels to the town of Gresit, currently undergoing nightly attacks by Dracula's minions.

While the first episode was a surprising start, "Necropolis" picks up where we'd expect a Castlevania story to go - introducing the tale's hero and managing to put him on a path that will see him protecting innocents from great evil.

The Speakers are a new element of Castlevania lore, though the series has included magic wielders in the past. In the series' third episode, "Labyrinth" more is revealed about this ancient order as we're introduced to their missing member - Sypha Belnades. Not as dead as her fellow Speakers had thought, Trevor comes upon her encased in stone when he enters the catacombs beneath Gresit.

Alejandra Reynoso's performance is quite serious when we first meet Sypha, but as the episode goes on she lightens her tone. She also gets to deliver what is easily the most unexpected joke in the whole series. Sypha and Trevor's relationship begins on rocky terms as his disenchanted manner clashes with her firm beliefs, but as the two work together to escape the labyrinth it's clear they make a good team.

More than any previous episode, "Labyrinth" begins expanding on Castlevania's lore, delving into the history of both the Belmont vampire hunters and the magical scholars within the Speakers' ancient order. Together, they'll need to rally the people of Gresit to fight off the attacking army. But could another ally still be found sleeping beneath their feet?

Already, Netflix has ordered a second season of Castlevania and that's good news because season 1 only scratches the surface of what this property can offer. Filled with spectacle, fascinating characters, and a healthy dose of the macabre, Castlevania proves a rousing tale for adaptation. Though clearly inspired heavily by the games, these four episodes play more like a full length movie than a collection of cut scenes (and it's possible the original intention was for a film over a series anway).

If you have been watching Castlevania on Netflix from the beginning, you know that it has been nothing short of amazing. Season 2 was an intense and visually stunning thrill ride that ended with the (SPOILER ALERT) death of Dracula himself. Going in to Season 3, it's easy to wonder where things go from there. I got a chance to see Season 3 a bit early, so allow me to at least set the early stages for you, at least for the first episode.

Then there's Carmilla, who failed in her attempted coup of Dracula, and is trying to find a way to capitalize on his death. This is when we meet Carmilla's sisters, each with their own unique personalities and ambitions. Carmilla has a grand idea, and is trying to convince her sisters to go along with it. This is a big plan, but could yield major results. You also remember that she has Hector with her, and she definitely has plans for the Forgemaster as well. It's clear to see why Carmilla is the leader of this group, seemingly the most ruthless and the most willing to think big. It's clear from this episode, that her failures are only going to fuel her efforts.

There are four distinct stories at play during this season, and it appears to stay that way as the season goes on. You'll eventually see Isaac again and discover what his plan is. There are new characters to meet as well, like the eccentric Saint Germain in the town of Lindenfeld, where Trevor and Sypha find themselves. Speaking of Isaac, we also see him find an unlikely companion on his journey. The most interesting new character might be Carmilla's sister Lenore. Her game is deep, and her interactions with Hector might lead to more than they appear on the surface. In my opinion, she might be the most dangerous of all of the sisters for a lot of reasons. You'll see what I mean with each passing episode.

Castlevania spends a lot of time setting the tone, and I will tell you, this goes far beyond just the first episode. Whether or not that pays off for you, is your decision to make. The series definitely shows that it can be compelling and intense even without a major character like Dracula. You could say that, setting up characters like Carmilla, Isaac and company in Season 2 were the reason for that. There is still plenty of action, the gore is also dialed up, but be prepared for quite a bit more dialogue. There seems to be a bit more humor worked in as well, but not all of it landed for me. If I were to give a criticism, it would be that the humor tended to be a bit distracting at times. 041b061a72


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