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With Arthur, Morgana and Pym, Nimue takes an audience with Merlin, revealing him to be her father. Pym cracks up giggling, until she realizes that Nimue is serious. Nimue tells Merlin that he is without shaame to come after what he did. He asks why he would share his memories with her if he really meant to betray her. He tells her that their fates are intertwined and they must work together. He tells her that he has bargained for her life with Cucumber the Ice King. He gave him a gift which weakens Uther's claim to the throne, but she must present herself to Cumber in exchange for safety. She asks him what will happen to the Fey, but he offers no promises. Arthur tells her that if she gives the sword to Cumber, she becomes his bargaining chip. She rejects Merlin's offer, saying they must resume their search efforts for the missing party, but invites him to stay the night as a guest.

Summoners Fate Crack Status



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