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Nicholas Nguyen
Nicholas Nguyen

Faster Movie Killer Ringtone 15

The Korean developer has created a great app in terms of the idea, but American users may find the video selection to be lacking in songs that they recognize, since most of the user-generated videos are in fact Korean selections. It would be great to see integration with YouTube down the line. Also, dodol pop lacks the option for custom ringtones for individual contacts, which would be a killer benefit if added.

Faster Movie Killer Ringtone 15

It's hard to have an extended conversation about film composers without discussing Ennio Morricone. Responsible for what may be the most well-known theme in movie history - from his The Good, The Bad and The Ugly score - the man is a master and easily one of the greatest of all time. In recent years he's largely been working on small and/or foreign films, but what's his next project? Cell phone ringtones.


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