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Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 3 Free

In the first season, Sabrina Spellman discovers on her 16th birthday that she is a witch. With the help of her witch aunts, Hilda and Zelda, and their talking cat Salem, Sabrina learns to master her powers. Sabrina's school life is dominated by her budding romance with Harvey Kinkle, her relationship with friend Jenny Kelly and teacher Mr. Pool and her rivalry with villainous cheerleader Libby Chessler, who battles with Sabrina for Harvey's affections.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 3

In the second season, Sabrina must study to earn her witch's license. Her school life is made difficult not only by her ongoing rivalry with Libby, but also by new vice principal Mr. Kraft, who dislikes Sabrina and dates Hilda. Sabrina also has a "quizmaster" who tests her in preparation for her license, and befriends a new girl named Valerie and Mrs. Quick, a neurotic math teacher.

In the third season, Sabrina finally gets her witch's license, but before she can use it, she must solve the Spellman family secret. Throughout the season, some of Sabrina's witch relatives visit and leave clues for Sabrina. Sabrina solves the family secret at the end of the season. At school, Mr. Kraft and Libby continue to make her life miserable, and Mr. Kraft starts dating Zelda, making Hilda jealous.

In Season 4, Sabrina finally turns 18 and Libby has been sent off to boarding school. Harvey's best friend Brad Alcerro enrolls at Westbridge High, and is hostile towards Sabrina because he possesses a rare witch-hunting gene. Mr. Kraft is made principal, and Sabrina's best friend Valerie, who was to spend her senior year living with Sabrina and her aunts, goes to stay with her family in Alaska. Sabrina mentors a young witch named Dreama. She also gets a part-time job at a coffee shop, but she soon finds herself falling for her boss Josh, putting her relationship with Harvey in jeopardy. In the season finale, Harvey discovers that Sabrina is a witch. Zelda dates Mr. Kraft until the season's penultimate episode when she breaks off their relationship. Hilda buys a clock shop with a magical "Lost in Time" clock in the back room.

As Season 5 begins, Sabrina is about to start college, but she has spent the summer trying to get over her breakup with Harvey. After seeing an Other Realm therapist, Sabrina moves out of her aunts' home, much to the dismay of Hilda and Zelda. However, they still find ways to remain close to Sabrina: Zelda takes a teaching job at Sabrina's college, while Hilda, whose clock shop has gone out of business, buys the coffee shop where Sabrina works. Sabrina moves into a dormitory and bonds with roommates Roxie, Morgan and Miles. Sabrina has several boyfriends during this season, but does not get together with Josh until the season finale. Harvey only appears in a few episodes in brief appearances, but he apologizes to Sabrina for his reaction upon learning that she was a witch.

Sabrina's heck-raising cousin Amanda is sent to live in the Mortal Realm for a year. Rather than have her stay at the Spellmans', Hilda and Zelda arrange for Sabrina to help get Amanda into a special school called Witchright Hall for maladjusted young witches. Charles Shaughnessy guests as James Hexton, headmaster of the school and Zelda's former love interest. (Shaughnessy had appeared earlier in the season as Alec, Hilda's love interest.)

She's got the magic touch! Doesn't every girl secretly wish she had magical powers? Sabrina the Teenage Witch stars Melissa Joan Hart as the adorable teen who this season finally gets her witch's license. But there's a catch! Before she can use it she must uncover a family secret, with help from her wacky Aunt Hilda, wise Aunt Zelda and her talking cat Salem. And while they may advise her to keep her magic hidden, at school Sabrina still helps cute steady Harvey and best friend Valerie, while protecting herself against rival Libby and mean Mr Kraft.Season 3 highlights include an outrageous Halloween episode, and a finale set in Hawaii, where the family secret is revealed!

In the third season, Sabrina finally gets her witches license, but before she can use it, she must solve the Spellman family secret. Throughout the third season, some of Sabrina's witch relatives pay her a visit, and at the end of each visit they leave Sabrina with a clue. Sabrina finally solves the family secret at the end of this season. Sabrina's school life, meanwhile, hasn't changed since the end of the last season as Mr. Kraft and Libby continue to make her life miserable, and Mr. Kraft starts dating Aunt Zelda, making Hilda jealous.

It stars Melissa Joan Hart as American teenager Sabrina Spellman, who, on her 16th birthday, learns she has magical powers (a departure from the Archie Comics series, in which she has known of her powers since an early age). She lives with her 600-year-old aunts, witches Hilda (played by Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (played by Beth Broderick), and their magical talking cat Salem (voiced by Nick Bakay), at 133 Collins Road[2] in the fictional town of Westbridge, Massachusetts in the Greater Boston area.

After a rough day at school, Sabrina accidentally turns Libby Chessler, the most popular but also the meanest girl in school, into a pineapple. Fearing that she will appear "weird" to her crush, Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina asks the witches' council to let her relive the day. The first season follows Sabrina as she tries to keep the balance between being a teenager and possessing magical powers. Sabrina's friend Jenny Kelley and her teacher, Mr. Pool, both exit the series without explanation after the first season.

At the beginning of the second season, Sabrina turns 17 and learns that she must earn her witch's license or otherwise lose her magic abilities. However, she neglects her aunts' warnings to study for the license test and consequently fails it. Sabrina then must attend witch boot camp before she can take a makeup test, which she passes, though she only receives a learner's permit. Her aunts explain that she will be able to earn her license when she turns 18 ("when she can pay for the insurance") and that she will be tested throughout the year by a Quizmaster, Albert (Alimi Ballard), a witch who instructs other witches earning their licenses. Also introduced during the season are Sabrina's neurotic friend Valerie and the new school vice principal, Mr. Kraft, who finds Sabrina to be very odd and has a crush on Hilda.

The fourth season begins with the news that Valerie has moved away while Libby has gone to boarding school. As one of the conditions for her witch's licence Sabrina is assigned to be a mentor, which is similar to a Quizmaster, except that Quizmasters are paid.[6] Sabrina's charge is Dreama, a witch newly immigrated from the Other Realm. A new student, Brad Alcero, who is also Harvey's best friend, transfers to Sabrina's school. Because Brad has a witch-hunter gene (which allows him to turn a witch into a mouse if the witch reveals his/her magic), he takes an instant dislike to Sabrina who must keep herself and Dreama from using magic in front of Brad.

Sabrina begins working at Bean There, Brewed That, a coffee shop, where Sabrina meets and is attracted to Josh (played by David Lascher), a college student and manager of the shop. After she kisses Josh, Harvey breaks up with her, though they soon get back together. Both Dreama and Brad are written out of the series without explanation over the course of the season. At the end of the season, Harvey reaches his "spell quota" meaning that no more spells may be used on him and rendering him immune to a memory spell that was recently placed on him. The season ends with Harvey confronting Sabrina over the fact she is a witch.

At the beginning of the fifth season, Sabrina starts college at Adams College and moves out of her aunts' house and into a house with other students at Adams. It is revealed that Harvey broke up with Sabrina following the revelation she was a witch and went to college elsewhere, although he later calls her to make amends. Sabrina's roommates are Morgan Cavanaugh, a shallow girl (played by Elisa Donovan), Roxie King (played by Soleil Moon Frye), a social feminist and Miles Goodman (played by Trevor Lissauer), a geek who is obsessed with science fiction and the paranormal. Hilda and Zelda, feeling lonely without Sabrina, find ways to stay close to her. Hilda buys the coffee shop where Sabrina works and Zelda becomes a professor at Adams and starts dating Sabrina's English professor. The season ends with Sabrina and Josh giving into their feelings and sharing a passionate kiss.

ABC's TGIF lineup was unable to reproduce the appeal of "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch". Two other sitcoms that tried to balance normal teen life with fantasy elements ("You Wish", "Teen Angel") were both cancelled before completing a single season. Their inspiration, however, the Archie Comics-spawned "Sabrina", remained strong in 1998-99, now serving as the 9:00 PM Eastern/Pacific anchor, neighbored by new shows and longtime Friday night staple "Boy Meets World."Little changed for "Sabrina" in moving from Season 2 to Season 3, especially compared to the cast and design shake-ups that would later come. As always, the show fixes its attentions on Sabrina Spellman (Melissa Joan Hart), a half-human, half-witch teenager whose magical powers regularly have an effect on her life in the Mortal Realm. There, in the fictitious Massachussetts suburb of Westbridge, she lives with an odd couple of witch aunts in their mid-600s, the whimsical Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and the more rational Zelda (Beth Broderick). Sabrina's boyfriend Harvey (Nate Richert) and friend Valerie (Lindsay Sloane) continue to provide support and obstacles, while never knowing of their pal's mixed heritage. High school frequently challenges Sabrina in her junior year, though such adventures are almost always carried out with a small speaking cast that includes snobby cheerleader Libby (Jenna Leigh Green) and oft-perturbed Vice Principal Willard Kraft (the reliably wry Martin Mull). Once again leading the tiny pack of recurring characters is the amusingly timid teacher Mrs. Quick ("Saturday Night Live" alum Mary Gross). Joining her this third season is Gordie (Curtis Andersen), a go-to geek and short-lived love interest for Valerie. Continuing to be more remarkable than the recurring cast pool is "Sabrina"'s vast collection of one-time guest star appearances. Most of these surely meant less to the teens tuning in than their parents. Season 3 skews towards stunt casting, employing the most famous individuals in a limited capacity for the recognition factor. Playing themselves as such are Dick Clark, Mary Hart, and Monty Hall, while Jerry Springer gets to lampoon his edgy daytime talk show in a more extensive and plot-tailored manner. Actors from "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" are brought out in abundance for the Halloween episode "Good Will Haunting", which employs Gary Owens, Ruth Buzzi, Alan Sues, David Morton, and Jo Anne Worley. Another member of that show's cast, Henry Gibson, shows up in two episodes as an unnamed Witch Council judge. For young viewers, all these guest spots are trumped by the appearance of late '90s/early 2000s boy band *NSync. A few other young icons surface briefly in blink-and-miss turns; Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan plays a Westbridge High student, while Frankie Muniz and Emile Hirsch are siblings in an end credits tag well before "Malcolm in the Middle" and Into the Wild made them celebrities.Technically, "Sabrina" remains one sound sitcom in its third year on the air. The cast is terrific, the jokes are regularly able to amuse a wide range of audience members, and the characters are still interesting. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that the show seems to be running short on ideas. That's really to be expected of any formula sitcom that's crossing the 50-episode mark, and there's still plenty of fine writing and strong storylines to save face here. They're packaged, however, in a season-long theme that feels gimmicky and unnecessary. After Season 2 was devoted to Sabrina's efforts to get her Witch's License, Season 3 is all about Sabrina's efforts to be able to use her Witch's License. To do this, she has to unravel the big Spellman Family Secret. That probably doesn't sound like a bad idea, but it's implemented in a flimsy way, with a handful of episodes giving us a meaningless, tacked-on clue to the mystery. The few episodes that deal with the family secret directly are themselves pretty compelling. But the desire to grant an overriding coherency to these largely standalone stories is never quite satisfactorily realized. The device is even less interesting now than it was first aired, particularly since the running motif is nonsensically resolved. Suffice it to say, it never transcends the feeling of a pointless ploy to delay Sabrina from being a full-fledged witch, something already done the year before.A cheesy season-long theme is pretty easy to overlook based on how diverting, clever, and gently funny the show is. For instance, storylines involving couples Sabrina and Harvey or Mr. Kraft and Zelda (who begins dating Hilda's ex, to conflicted feelings) often achieve moderate success. More experimental episodes -- whether they assume the form of a silent movie, film noir, or special effects adventure -- also delight.Unfortunately, Paramount's DVD release of The Third Season, arriving half a year after the previous set, fails fans yet again by changing an overwhelming majority of the pre-recorded song selections featured in the original broadcasts and syndicated reruns. Not only did the sampled music aptly capture mainstream hits of the time, it made for inspired accompaniment to montages that were a fairly consistent staple of episodes. Among the Season 3 casualties that have been replaced by generic, apparently newly-scored instrumental pieces are the Everly Brothers' "Suspicious Minds", Halloween novelty tune "The Monster Mash", Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", "I Can't Get Enough of You, Baby" by Smash Mouth, "Wild Thing" (this time the Troggs hit is actually pre-recorded), Jennifer Paige's "Crush", the Cardigans' "Losing My Favorite Game", Barenaked Ladies' "It's All Been Done", Faith Hill's "The Hard Way", and Ricky Martin's breakout hit "Livin' La Vida Loca." Browse posters, photos, and memorabilia from hundreds of past and present TV shows On the upside, the two performances by 'NSync are retained in full. Alas, the same cannot be said for Phantom Planet's rendition of "So I Fall Again", which along with the band's cameo has been jarringly cut altogether. Perhaps even more frustrating than that is that a scene of two Martin Mull characters singing Doris Day's immortal "Que Sera Sera" has also been cut; we're not talking an original performance but rather just the lyrics and the deletion loses one of the season's funnier payoffs. At least the edits are short, allowing their respective episodes to run just 30 seconds shy of the standard 21-minute, 42-second mark.Once again, Paramount's frugality in DVD production costs doesn't mean a competitive list price; with a $38.99 SRP, the 4-disc set runs $10-$15 more than comparable sitcom seasons from other studios. Funds also haven't been transferred to a supplements budget; for the third time, "Sabrina" turns up on DVD with nary a bonus, pretty inexcusable for a show recent enough to include a TV on DVD joke in one episode.For a variety of reasons, I've selected ten favorite episodes from the season and denoted them with a . A pair of scissors () indicates that a scene from the episode is missing. Disc 11. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Season Opener (21:42) (Originally aired September 25, 1998)Sabrina is eager to get her long-awaited witch's license and hopeful that it will help her choose between Dashiell ("Scrubs"' Donald Faison) and Harvey. But, there's a hitch and one which will take an entire season of Family Secret clues to address. Also, Hilda is bothered that Zelda wants to attend Sabrina's Grease-themed dance with Mr. Kraft and Salem's online chess trash talk brings in a perturbed opponent from Russia. 2. Boy Was My Face Red (21:42) (Originally aired October 2, 1998)While trying to rid Valerie of the embarrassment caused by a lunchroom burp, Sabrina herself becomes a red-faced laughingstock at school. Salem plots to receive a kiss that will turn him human again.3. Suspicious Minds (21:42) (Originally aired October 9, 1998)Sabrina hires Roland, now a private investigator, to spy on Harvey during his school project marriage to Libby. Hilda has similar interest in Zelda's relationship with Mr. Kraft.4. The Pom-Pom Incident (21:43) (Originally aired October 16, 1998)Valerie wants to try out for the cheerleading reserves team, leading a disapproving Sabrina to get into her head and discourage. Meanwhile, the Spellmans' "wigician" cousin Mortimer (Dom DeLuise) spends time with them, fumbling with magic tricks more than shedding light on the family secret. 041b061a72


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