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The Wall Street Journal is an American business and economic-focused international daily newspaper based in New York City with international editions published in Chinese and Japanese.[2] The Journal and its Asian editions are published six days a week by Dow Jones & Company, a division of News Corp. The newspaper is published in broadsheet format and online. The Journal has been printed continuously since its inception on July 8, 1889.[3] The Journal is regarded as a newspaper of record, particularly in terms of business and financial news.[4][5][6] The newspaper has won 38 Pulitzer Prizes, the most recent in 2019.[7][8]

The Wall Street Journal is the second largest newspaper in the United States by circulation, with a print circulation of around 654,000 and 3 million digital subscribers.[1] The Journal publishes the luxury news and lifestyle magazine WSJ, which was originally launched as a quarterly but expanded to 12 issues in 2014. An online version was launched in 1995, which has been accessible only to subscribers since it began.[9] The editorial pages of the Journal are typically conservative in their positions.[10][11][12]

In 2003, Dow Jones began to integrate reporting of the Journal's print and online subscribers together in Audit Bureau of Circulations statements.[18] In 2007, it was commonly believed to be the largest paid-subscription news site on the Web, with 980,000 paid subscribers.[14] Since then, digital subscription has risen to 1.3 million as of September 2018, falling to number two behind The New York Times with 3 million digital subscriptions.[19] In May 2008, an annual subscription to the online edition of The Wall Street Journal cost $119 for those who do not have subscriptions to the print edition. By June 2013, the monthly cost for a subscription to the online edition was $22.99, or $275.88 annually, excluding introductory offers.[20] Digital subscription rates increased dramatically as its popularity increased over print to $443.88 per year, with first time subscribers paying $187.20 per year.[21]

In 2011, The Guardian found evidence that the Journal had artificially inflated its European sales numbers, by paying Executive Learning Partnership for purchasing 16% of European sales. These inflated sales numbers then enabled the Journal to charge similarly inflated advertising rates, as the advertisers would think that they reached more readers than they actually did. In addition, the Journal agreed to run "articles" featuring Executive Learning Partnership, presented as news, but effectively advertising.[41] The case came to light after a Belgian Wall Street Journal employee, Gert Van Mol, informed Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton about the questionable practice.[42] As a result, the then Wall Street Journal Europe CEO and Publisher Andrew Langhoff was fired after it was found out he personally pressured journalists into covering one of the newspaper's business partners involved in the issue.[43][44] Since September 2011, all the online articles that resulted from the ethical wrongdoing carry a Wall Street Journal disclaimer informing the readers about the circumstances in which they were created.

Also controversial was a January 2017 note from Baker to Journal editors, directing them to avoid using the phrase "seven majority-Muslim countries" when writing about Trump's executive order on travel and immigration; Baker later sent a follow-up note "clarifying that there was 'no ban'" on the phrase, "but that the publication should 'always be careful that this term is not offered as the only description of the countries covered under the ban.'"[121]

In 2007, the paper won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, with its iconic gold medal,[137] for exposing companies that illegally backdate stock options they awarded executives to increase their value.

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In the past, IMD MBA students have attended certain sessions at OWP, but this year we actually gave talks ourselves. These were TED-style presentations on key regions such as Europe, America, South-East Asia and Brazil, and on industries including health care, energy, financial services, transport and logistics. Each day we had 50-100 executives listening to our talks, engaging with us in debates and exchanging business cards. It was great experience and exposure for all of us and prepared us for our Discovery Expeditions.

In both cities we had talks and company visits with alumni from the MBA, EMBA and open-enrolment executive-education programmes. We were hosted by the Singaporean Economic Development Board and one of the "big four" consulting firms, and met with executives from some of the most influential private-equity firms in the region. Many of us also arranged separate meetings and interviews with alumni and other firms in our networks.

Routes events are renowned for the quality of their pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings which are facilitated by our online meeting request system and responsive scheduling team. Find out how to get the most from the meeting request process with this step-by-step guide.

Once scheduling is open you can access the meeting request site. Login to Routesonline and go to the home page. Enter your PRC where it says "Request your Face-to-Face Meetings" and click the 'Submit PRC' button.

After scheduling closes, our scheduling team will then work to arrange the meeting diaries which can be accessed online prior to the event and your final diary will be available from Friday 16 September.

** DALLAS - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas issues Trimmed Mean PCE Price Index for December.FRANKFURT - Speech by ECB President Christine Lagarde on the occasion of the official unveilingof the new memorial plaque (International Holocaust Remembrance Day) in Frankfurt - 1030 GMT.TUESDAY, JANUARY 31STOCKHOLM - The Riksdag Committee on Finance will hold an open hearing on financial stability inthe Swedish economy in the light of high inflation and higher interest rates with the FinancialStability Council. Participants include Governor Erik Thedéen and Minister for Financial MarketsNiklas Wykman - 0800 GMT.WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) starts itstwo-day meeting on interest rates (to Feb. 1)WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1STOCKHOLM - Riksbank executive board meeting - 1200 GMTWASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announces itsdecision on interest rates followed by statement - 1900 GMTWASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Federal Reserve chairperson holds a news conferenceTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2 041b061a72


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