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How to Play Kirby Air Ride Iso Jpn on Any Device - TechRadar

replayability kirby air ride iso jpn is the best multiplayer racing game for the gamecube, and it's one of the more unique kirby racing games available. it's not as intense or as in-depth as kirby air ride: it's more like the game boy version of it. if you want a more intense and challenging racing game, get the ps2 version. if you want a more relaxing and casual experience, get kirby air ride iso jpn.

Kirby Air Ride Iso Jpn

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controls kirby air ride iso jpn doesn't take advantage of the unique control system hal laboratory has developed for kirby. it controls like a standard kirby game, and the a button functions as the usual up-down-left-right movement. one thing that sets it apart is the control stick, which is used to control kirby in the air and on the ground. the stick can be used to steer in any direction, drift around corners, and cause kirby to fly backwards when he runs out of speed. in order to make use of these maneuvers, you must successfully perform them within a certain time limit.

the "race" is pretty much a drag race. unlike other mario kart racers, the player controls kirby on his own plane rather than as a car. the "plane" travels just as much as it would in a car, taking corners at a pretty constant speed. if the player goes into an overshoot, they go off the track entirely. the goal is to get to the end of the track before your opponent, and to do this you need to get past the other racers. there are also some special items scattered across the race track, and these can be picked up to gain a special ability.


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