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Hindi Aaj Ka Fashion Trend Tamil Pdf Download

The designer said it was during the shooting of the Telugu thriller Govinda Govinda (1994) when Ram Gopal Varma first noticed his designs for Sridevi and reached out to him for Rangeela (1995). The film proved a career-changing experience for him as the success of the film and the popularity of the fashion trends the film established led Filmfare to introduce a new category for costume designing, the Filmfare Award for Best Costume Design, with Malhotra being its first recipient.

hindi Aaj Ka Fashion Trend tamil pdf download

The costumes, looks and styling of Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai created an absolute frenzy back in 1998, courtesy of the man behind the fashion department, Malhotra, for which he won 7 individual category awards. The DKNY tracksuits, activewear, uber-casual sweatshirts, logo tees, and denim adorned by Kajol or the minimal dress to co-ords layered with oversized outerwear and the high-octane mini dress worn by Rani Mukerji, In the latter half of the film, Kajol was seen draped in sheer sarees with a hint of lace, or solid versions with an emphasis on the blouse; pastel hues and layering kurtas with sleek trousers which came to the forefront, bringing with them a timeless appeal. The off-route orange and beige lehenga as opposed to the go-to bridal red iteration. From athleisure, casual to bridal looks, Malhotra garnered recognition to create an array of fashion-forward looks now omnipresent and trendsetting.


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